Haunted House Visitor Info

Welcome to the RENOVATED & ALL NEW Dungeon of Doom, you are about to take a stroll through the dark side of reality.

To ensure your safe passage, the following are NOT allowed:

• No running • No use of flashlights • No cameras or flash photography with phones/cameras
• No food or drinks • No smoking • No line jumping • No pets

As you come across the inhabitants of our Dungeon, please do not touch or interrupt them in their ghoulish pursuits. After all, you may not want to draw attention to yourself. But don't worry, they don't touch "outsiders".

Parents should exercise caution in allowing younger children to enter the Dungeon. The Dungeon contains loud sounds, strobe lights, sudden movements, artificial fog and other effects that young children may find frightening. Some scenes may be considered disturbing and may be too intense for children.

Artificial fog and strobe lights in use may not be suitable for some people with certain medical conditions (asthma and others).

For those cowardly souls, who are reluctant to complete their passage and confront their childhood fears, there is an early exit.

The Dungeon of Doom is located in the breezeway under the Boardwalk Inn.

Purchase admission at the Dungeon ticket booth window or buy now online

Dying to show off your dark side?
Stop by our Human Resources office at 502 Texas Ave, Kemah TX 77565 or for position details call 281.334.8902

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Kemah, TX 77565
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